If you don’t know me …

Photo credit: TOM GILBERT/Tulsa World
Photo credit: TOM GILBERT/Tulsa World

I’m trying to go above and beyond because we have to make this a better place.

I work at the Tulsa World as a deputy managing editor, a job I love because journalism is work that matters. And we make some pretty great journalism.

I taught at Oklahoma State University and Tulsa Community College with this mission: It was my job to help students become successful. No busy work. Just real-world work. I just finished teaching at Tulsa Technology Center, where I helped small businesses with their websites and driving traffic to them in classes taught at 36 Degrees North. I am now back at OSU helping the School of Media & Strategic Communications on a number of projects so it becomes known as the place where you start when you want to change the world. I’m taught a class in the fall of 2018 called Audience Development in the Digital World. It really looked at how to start something from the idea of giving.

I do what I do because of a quote I heard from a Tulsa pastor who was close to Martin Luther King Jr. When asked what he learned from the great leader, the pastor said: “You have to press for there to be pressure. Nothing moves unless you press.”

We have this saying in my family. “You might be smarter than a Collington, but you can’t outwork one.” I find that is really where most of my success comes from.

I am the result of a lot of nice people helping me. So, I try my best to help others who need it.

Need help? Want to chat? Email me at jason.collington@tulsaworld.com. I email everyone back.