Actually, it all started with a rabbi before it started with a mouse. And Peyton Manning throws some wisdom.

Short story of inspiration that has stuck with me since I read it before we get to the links …

Have you ever hear of Oswald The Lucky Rabbit? Me, neither. But he was the first cartoon creation of some guy named Walt Disney.

So it’s 1928 and Disney is in New York to negotiate a new contract for his hit character, Oswald. Disney soon discovers that his distributor for the character has hired away the animators to start a new studio. On top of that, Disney didn’t own the rights to the character, so he couldn’t do anything about it. He had no one to work on his creation and no income off what he built.

Before he got on the train back home, he sent his business partner and brother a simple telegram: “Don’t worry. Everything okay. Will give details when I arrive.”

The train ride took three days to get back to his California home. He could have easily gone to the bar. He could have stared out his window. Instead, he started sketching again. He thought of another character. He took what made Oswald great — slapstick humor — and added heart and soul.

After getting back home, he started work on the first cartoon with fully synchronized sound. Who did it star? That mouse he drew on that long ride home: Mickey Mouse. It only took a year for Mickey to be the most famous cartoon character in the world.

Just a reminder that when you think of all that Disney was able to create, it all started with a mouse. Don’t ever stop. Keep sketching. Keep adding no matter what gets taken away.

In other news, congrats to Elizabeth Austin who just got her first job after graduating OSU. Incredible graphic designer. Also, it’s just been two days, but the Tulsa World web intern Blayklee Buchanan from OU is killing it. And I just heard from Hannah Miller who was in class at OSU. She is interning for the Tulsa Shock and is just across the street from the Tulsa World. I knew she was going to be successful.

Let me know if you have any news to share that would be beneficial to the group. I’ve just added the students in my last semester (still bummed about it) to this list, so the network continues to grow.

On to the links …

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Study this guy

Pixar’s Ed Catmull on how Disney found its way to a hit with “Frozen” (after years of putting out crappy animated films)


If you haven’t seen the movie “Mitt,” which is a documentary on former presidential candidate Mitt Romney, I highly suggest it. Incredible access. I really can’t believe he let some of that footage air.

If you want to sell stuff on a website, use I just used it to make a website for a friend’s business website:

Quote of the week

“The people in charge don’t necessarily have all of the answers, so don’t let expertise silence you. Work to find new solutions to old problems. Think outside the parameters that restrict other peoples’ thoughts. Just because you’re a novice on the job, just because you haven’t faced the same challenges, just because you haven’t climbed the same cliffs, doesn’t mean you can’t contribute to solutions in very significant ways. When you’re chided for your naivety — and you will be — remind your critics that an amateur built an ark. Experts built the Titanic.” — Peyton Manning, Broncos quarterback