‘Optimism is a competitive advantage.’ How to write the perfect blog post

I know most of you are Cowboys, but I heard a good quote from a Sooner yesterday at the Iba Awards: “Optimism is a competitive advantage.” Sherry Coale said that. It’s stuck with me. Reinforced something I tell myself all the time that helps: “You are going to figure this out if you keep working with smart people and focusing on greatness.” Yes, I say that to myself a lot.

Now on to the links …

“Mr. McConnell left the newsroom, asked people questions and listened to the answers. And in the process, he saw a puff of smoke that turned into a wildfire, the kind of thing that’s not visible on a computer screen.

Stars of Vine and Instagram … 

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Insight into Google’s driverless car project

(Jason’s opinion: This is will be the biggest shift in our culture. We will be safer and have a lot more time to consume media. Also, traffic wrecks is the leading cause of death of someone younger than 34. I want you all to make it to 35.)

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“… the first breaking news site that links every single story published to an action you can take … ”

The Anatomy of a Perfect Blog Post

The Data on Headlines, Length, Images and More

Liking this

(I am currently reading this ebook that includes videos)