I will never doubt Pinterest again. The one college class I want to take.

The social network you have never heard of

It has 30 million active users.

I love the Buzzfeed founding editor’s — someone I had never heard about before — definition of good content.

I almost always divide good content into humor, empathy, and service. If something doesn’t make me laugh or make me say “yes, thank you, this is so me” or give me some kind of helpful, useful information, I’m just like “NEXT.”

If you are not watching John Oliver’s show on HBO — a lot of it is on the net so get on it — you are missing out on great monologues like this.

On native advertising (which I totally agree with).

I do not want to go back to college and take classes

But I do want to go back to this college and take this class from David Carr, the NY Times writer who starred in the “Page One” documentary. This. Guy. Gets. It.

I will never doubt Pinterest again.

Its founder is smarter than I thought.

Another social network that is making news

It’s being called the Anti-Facebook.

Everyone is media has read this

So should you. Maybe we are thinking about this online ad deal all wrong.

Need I say more?

“Spring, a shopping app that includes products from all the brands you’ve chosen to follow. Spring looks and feels a whole lot like Instagram, news feed and all, but with one key difference — Spring has a buy button.

Bill Gates reads an hour every night before he goes to bed

He also has a blog. Not sure if he writes most of the stuff, but this one includes his remarks about the future of college. It’s worth noting.

How Design Thinking Transformed Airbnb from a Failing Startup to a Billion Dollar Business.

What is design thinking? It’s something I used for my last breakthrough (and it’s a project I think is going to be my best.)

One last thing

The wife and I watched “Good Will Hunting” in honor of the passing of Robin Williams. It holds up. There was a quote he had in his Oscar-winning role I wanted you all to remember.

“You’ll have bad times, but that’ll always wake you up to the good stuff you weren’t paying attention to.”