Check out the jobs at Google. Tony Robbins is killing it. Podcasts are big again.

Couple quotes I like … 
“The audience is in charge, and my job is to reach them wherever I can…”
– Leslie Moonves, CEO of CBS

“Extinction is the rule. Survival is the exception.”
– Carl Sagan

The guy who makes Uber interesting
Uber, Travis Kalanick’s smartphone-based car service, has been valued at $18.2 billion, but its C.E.O. still spends a lot of his time on the warpath. His enemies include the taxi industry, regulators around the world, his rivals, and even, on occasion, his customers.


Want a job at Google?
Their departments are divided up into Do Cool Stuff, Sell Cool Stuff and Build Cool Stuff.
The Coach Who Never Punts

Completely agree

“However, by adopting passive personalisation, news outlets could ensure the content they produce reaches the people who are most likely to engage with it.”

Teen Twitter (the most powerful force in the universe) has been hit by a bomb, and that bomb’s name is Alex From Target.

Who is this ordinary Target checkout guy, and why is Teen Twitter obsessed with him?  

Don’t knock Tony Robbins anymore 

When no one was looking, Tony Robbins went from infomercial pitchman to C-suite coach. Now captains of industry and finance pay him seven-figures for his wisdom. Here’s what we can learn for free.

Redesigning the Social Network

There’s an artistic vision behind Ello, the latest Facebook competitor to trigger hype and backlash. 

Another way to do TV
“It’s a reinvention of some of the fundamental aspects of TV news,” said Isaac Showman, managing director of Reuters TV. “We’re moving away from mass broadcasts to one that’s relevant for every single user.”
The 17 best distribution tools for your content 
I subscribe and it’s great
What’s Behind the Great Podcast Renaissance?
Speaking of podcasts, I like Startup, the episodic story of NPR veteran Alex Blumberg’s attempt to create a podcasting business.
70% of your time could be used better
… Some great stuff in here and I have made some habit changes because of it. LOVE the 7-minute workout that is now on my phone. Simple and fast. Now just waiting for someone to come out with the 6-minute workout.

Yes, I have purchased the Ikea stuff I need to make a standing desk.