Take me to Curious City. Meet Ben Thompson. A mantra I love.

Love this quote:

“At this period … of wreck and ruin, the one power that can save, can heal, can fortify, is clear and intelligent thought,” the editors of The New Republic wrote in 1915, in a promotional letter to its first subscribers “to state again the general purposes of the paper.”

Some deep stuff here:

A Defense of Reason in an Age of Digital Stupidity

In love with this idea:

The Curious City team has collected thousands of questions from Chicago residents in the field, via a toll-free number and online via their custom-built platform. The public gets to vote on what questions journalists pursue, and the Curious City team brings the public into the reporting project along the way.

One more on listening:

5 kinds of listening for newsroom and communities

Love the quote in it. So damn true: “Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.” — Stephen R. Covey

Before you start a business, read this:

On Muppets & Merchandise: How Jim Henson Turned His Art into a Business

An Oklahoman doing amazing things:

John Sutter is someone who grew up in Oklahoma who is a columnist at CNN. But not like a usual boring columnist. He is a columnist who reports. And writes. And does amazing documentaries.
He is taking on a new question: Is child poverty inevitable? Here is his intro and where you can follow the series. This guy gets it.

You want inspiration? You think what you create has value?

Meet the guy who got 1,000 people to pay him 10 bucks a month for his thoughts.

His name is Ben Thompson.

A headline you will read twice:

Football Is a Moral Abomination.

“Can you point to another industry in America which in the course of doing business maims a third of its employees? This is untenable.”

One of my favorite writers — Malcolm Gladwell — makes his case.

This guy will change society more in the next 50 years than anyone else:

Surprise, he runs Google.

Another way to think about what you create:

How to build habit-forming products.

Now THIS is a mantra I love:

On top of the Andreessen Horowitz website: “Software is eating the world.”

He’s smaller than Taylor Swift in today’s world (but maybe not in stadium shows):

How Garth Brooks took on the internet – and lost

Helpful links:

21 currents and trends changing journalism

For the Star Wars fan:

Learned a lot about why we are still talking about this.

This trend is getting bigger by the day:

Corporate America Is Using the Sharing Economy to Turn Us Into Temps

I don’t like Alec Baldwin, but he can interview people:

He interviews one of the best. Ira Glass.

I subscribe:

Long Overshadowed in Realm of Business Magazines, Inc. Grabs the Spotlight

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