Your phone would like to talk about your heart, a community site with actual traffic and some support for treadmill desks

Start thinking this way: 

The co-founder of the firm behind the websites of ‘Vogue’ and the ‘LA Times’ explains how he and longtime partner Dan Gardner are building a modern creative agency.

Check your phone: The Future of Medicine Is in Your Smartphone

“I had an ECG emailed to me by a patient, with the subject line, “I’m in atrial fib, now what do I do?” I immediately knew that the world had changed. The patient’s phone hadn’t just recorded the data; it had interpreted it.”

This is how I want you to be:

“To hell with circumstances; I create opportunities.”
 – Bruce Lee

30 Under 30: Meet The Young People Reinventing Retail And E-Commerce

The Harlem-based teen entrepreneur has found a way to bet on sneaker futures with his “pawn shop” for $15,000 kicks. Still in high school, the 16-year-old works in tandem with his father to buy, trade and sell Air Jordans and other sought-after brands at his Sneaker Pawn store in Manhattan, which opened last June.

Preach, Big Bird:

“It doesn’t matter who scores the points. It’s who can get the ball to the scorer.”
 – Larry Bird

How can public radio make audio that breaks big on social media?

A NPR experiment identified what makes a piece of audio go viral.

Love these numbers:

There are 16,000 households in Burlington, VT, and more than 15,000 Burlington users belong to Front Porch Forum, a homebrewed effort.

“You start with lost cats, and then you end up with, ‘Let’s go to the planning board meeting.’”

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The new Atlantic photo site.

Because this is true: Treadmill Desks Aren’t Just Healthier, They’ll Also Boost Your Work Performance

This is going to be so much more normal so soon.

I am going to show up at work in 2015 with one of these deals.