Why you need to pick up the Slack, A reminder to break rules, Make new mistakes, Get at least 500 followers if you want a job and the first sketch of Twitter

A quick slap in the face from @ValaAfshar …

“New York City, 2015:

14,088 registered @Uber cars

13,587 registered yellow cabs

Disrupt or be disrupted.

… The lesson here? Which company do you want to work for? Which one do you work for?

Why Banjo is the most important social media company you’ve never heard of: “It simultaneously does linguistic and topic analysis, geo-data analysis, and photo and video classification, as well as some 30,000 other sorts of computation.”

This is why Vice is earning attention: Why Did Texas Blow $10 Million to Catch 40 High School Steroid Users?

“After over 63,000 tests, $10 million in taxpayer expenses, and all of 40 positive test results, the state of Texas is set to scrap its steroid testing program for high school athletes.”

This: “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Can you imagine working at a place where you get no email from your fellow employees? It’s going to happen with Slack. I have been working to set it up for my team. How Slack uses Slack.

How two Georgia fraternity brothers created Yik Yak, a controversial app that became a $400 million business in 365 days (This is one reason why I think, along with others, that a HUGE tech bubble is about to burst like we have never seen before.)

This is why all the greats break the rules: “The things they fire you for when you are young are the same things that they give you lifetime achievement awards for when you are old.” – Francis Ford Coppola

From a Millennial (and former Tulsan) in Local News: A Few Words of Wisdom. “Do yourself a favor and avoid local television news at all costs. You’ll be glad you did.”

This is my editor’s favorite quote: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

Jameis Winston and me: The pain of covering the scandal

Former @tulsaworld sports intern and incredible reporter and writer Matt Baker lets you know what happens when you break a national story about a Florida State quarterback.

This is scary and true: “Assume your adversary is capable of one trillion guesses per second.” – Edward Snowden, CitizenFour

Just remember: Adidas passed on endorsing Michael Jordan in 1984.

Read every word of this because of great reporting: Distant Thunder: What did Oklahoma City’s media do to piss off Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant? Great quotes from Berry Tramel.

“Make new mistakes so you learn,” something I overheard at Arby’s.

Share this with your friends who are struggling in their creative life. Ira Glass on the creative process

“I’d be much more nervous about hiring a digital staffer that had less than 500 followers than someone who had a few questionable tweets.” — Melissa Ryan, a digital strategist for Trilogy Interactive in a WSJ story.

Pixar’s 22 Golden Rules of Storytelling (I like a lot of these).

Shoutout: One of my favorite students Jon Shoalmire just had his first story published. He is a bike guy who already had a following when he was in class. His story starts on page 74. Way to go, Jon.

I vote for the service mentality:

“This kind of thing comes from our content mentality: We have a section to fill. We will come up with the ideas to do that. We will find somebody to write it. We will edit it. A day’s work. Tomorrow’s another day to fill.

“A service mentality in journalism would dictate a different job: We observe and listen to what the public needs. We determine what will answer that need. We will measure our success by whether that need is met.

Some of my tweets:

Photo gallery: See some of the best signs at the education rally

“… when those five rankings are combined, Oklahoma scores higher than any other state on political disengagement.”

Our chief photographer went up in a helicopter at dawn to document the tornado damage. This is what he saw.

Fortune’s 100 best places to work have 108,622 job openings available.

HBO got 22 million views on a “Game of Thrones” trailer in just 48 hours after it was posted through Facebook, via @wsjCMO. Who needs TV?

Photo of first sketch of Twitter by @jack. Reminder that the most important thing to do is start. It will evolve.

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