How can I help? Another reason to watch ‘The Wire.’ Think again about private planes.

This email has been quoted a couple times lately to me. Ran into former student Skylar at his workplace where he is killing it and he introduced me to his boss. He said he forwards it to her and she appreciated the reads. Said it’s helped give her some insight into this crazy world. That was awesome. Honored to serve.

Speaking of serving, I tried some experiments in the last two months and have some chances to help some great people. One is an artist who quit living a lie working at Lowe’s and we are working on a plan for him to be the artist he’s always wanted to be with a website and some guerilla marketing tactics. Another is a lawyer who wants to disrupt the industry digitally.

Know someone who needs some help and think I can help? I’m on demand and ready to serve. I added a page to my site about my outreach efforts. 

And now, one to the reads …

If you need to be slapped in the face by someone who hustles: This is even better because it’s two years old and everything he said has absolutely happened.

Know this guy: “If you don’t hire starters into your company, don’t be surprised when nothing starts.” – Chris Sacca (@sacca), a big time venture capitalist. He also wrote this letter about Twitter right before the CEO was pushed out: I Bleed Aqua.

Don’t think it’s over: Inside Roku’s Plan To Beat Apple, Amazon, And Google

“The Wire” is right about everything: David Simon nailed the police, media, politicians

Sleep on this: Our poor sleeping habits are filling our brains with neurotoxins

Stat I couldn’t believe when I heard it: We have 3.5 million jobs unfilled and 70 percent of them don’t require a college degree.

Don’t tell me you can’t make money with content today: Sneaker News wants to be the ‘CNN for kicks’

He’s a TU grad and I am working to get an interview: The man who’s reinventing Walmart

Guideshops might be the future of retail:  A store with clothes on the rack. Try them on. Pick the ones you want. Buy them and then leave the store without them. The next day, they are on your doorstep. The store without any inventory in the store. Everyone saves money.

“Six months ago we launched Blendle, the iTunes of journalism, in the Netherlands. Using our service, over 140,000 users (that’s almost everyone in our country) can read the best articles of every newspaper and magazine, paying only for the articles they like.

Tony keeps making it interesting at his company: Inside Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh’s radical management experiment that prompted 14% of employees to quit

Long read but it’s worth it on our real-life Tony Stark: Elon Musk’s space dream almost killed Tesla. SpaceX started with a plan to send mice to Mars. It got crazier from there.

“According to a study by the Society for Human Resource Management, 43% of companies offer four-day workweeks to some employees, and 10% make it available to all or most employees. The reason? It positively impacts the bottomline.

@jasoncollington tweets worth noting …

US mass shootings since Sandy Hook: at least 226 people have died in 72 tragic events

Listening to ‪@marcmaron’s interview with ‪@POTUS and wonder: Why hasn’t a journalist gotten this deep with him, for an hour?

Feel that? Oklahoma on record earthquake pace, again.

Key & Peele averages 2M viewers on TV, but its last season generated 298 million streams on YouTube, Facebook, Hulu & on demand.

Average load times of biggest online news outlets: 3.66 sec.

Facebook’s Instant Articles: between 0 and 300 millisec. – ‪@wsjCMO

Since 2007, there have been 106 fatalities on the smaller planes compared to 50 on airlines. – ‪@Bloomberg

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