Today we walk. Tomorrow we walk a little faster.


I choose not to run. Because I wear boots. So my only promise is I will walk a little faster each day.

I am taking up a challenge that has been repeated to me many times. I don’t know why I’m not ignoring it this time around. I guess it takes a few times to break through. Probably true for many of us.

So I post today and every day from here on out. It sounds like a promise. I will probably break it a couple times or a few hundred times when the score keeper comes. But as I have found in my life, who cares if you mess up. Who cares if you get tired. What do you do after you mess up? Where do you put the tired so you can keep going?

So thank you, Seth Godin, for saying great stuff and more importantly for repeating it so many times.

Today, I launch the same day as Oklahoma teachers are arriving at 23rd Street and Lincoln Boulevard to rally at the state Capitol. I hope they stay and don’t leave after one day. I want them to make an impact. I will try to remember that lesson when I think I can skip a day.

I do this for me. I do this for you. I do this because showing up each day is the only way you get a chance to influence the world you want to see.

Read & React (something I think you should read to get smarter/entertained/your head around the possibility of something amazing): The only person to launch three Fortune 500 companies. He knew when to sell.