Everything is temporary.

When you are dealing with a lot, people tend to ask how you are managing it all and talk about any light at the end of the tunnel.

For me, I keep saying to myself “Everything is temporary.” It’s really helps me and I think it helps provide context when emotions are high and context is no where to be seen.

They say the best athletes are those with short memories. When the curve ball doesn’t curve and the ball ends up in the water behind right field, they condition themselves to forget it and focus on the next batter. They really are able to put the play in context: That was just one play with many to go. After the game, some really act like they can’t remember the play.

When you put yourself in a world where you understand everything is temporary, you find some peace to keep going. And you also realize that the great times have a deadline, too. I find that makes me enjoy them even more.

Read & React: If anyone questions the lack of investigative reporting in today’s media, pass this along: the great investigative journalism winners and finalists named by the Investigative Reporters & Editors. All this great stuff came out in 365 days last year. Shout out to Tulsa World teammates Andrea Eger, Curtis Killman and Mike Simons for being named a finalist for the investigation into deaths at an Oklahoma Veterans Affairs Center. Judges’ comments: “The investigation of deaths and rape at a local veterans nursing home hit all the right notes: true outrage, an attempt to keep deaths quite and exposure of neglect.”