I know what your purpose is


Serve as a fire fighter. Serve as someone who fixes cars for those who can’t afford it. Serve as the guy who picks up trash in the neighborhood. 

Don’t spend another minute wondering what your purpose is.

Everyone’s purpose on this planet is the same: Serve. Serve humanity. Or serve the environment. Or serve the animals. Your purpose is to serve.

So quit asking that question. Stop spending another second on it.

The question to focus on is how you are going to serve. Teach. Defend the poor. Plant trees. Start an effort to make your city a no-kill city for stray animals.

I think you will get to the how much quicker if you think about how to serve.

Not how to make money. Not how to climb the ladder. Not how to afford the nice things.

How can I serve? The trick? Start small.

Read & React: Bryan Stevenson was just on 60 Minutes. He is a lawyer who could be doing anything. What he’s decided to do is bring up lynching’s past and put it in your face. And save innocent people from death row. And try to give justice to people who have never seen it. Read the profile of someone who is serving.