The rule of 1


You aren’t designed to take on a lot at one time. So just do 1. It will lead to 2. 

The rule of 1 says you try to lose 1 pound. Not 10.

The rule of 1 says you try to do 1 push up. Not 20 a day.

The rule of 1 says you try to do 1 thing. And if you don’t do that 1 thing, no big deal. Try again tomorrow.

When you try to lose 1 pound and you end up losing 3, you get excited. And you build confidence and a little momentum. You under-promised and over-delivered. That is when you are in the right spot and the mostly likely spot to continue.

If you never get down in position to do 1 push up, how are you expected to do 10? The rule of 1 makes you get down on the floor. That is more than half the battle.

The reason why you never get to your goal is that you quit. So design a diet, a workout regime, a to-do list that is designed for you to not quit. Keep your goals small. And then make them smaller until you get to 1.

True, the story of trying to lose 1 pound doesn’t sound noteworthy. But what are you trying to do? Have something to say in casual conversation or make your goal?

The rule of 1 is the opposite of what you think you should do. I’m not a big hairy audacious goal person. I think a BHAG makes you hide. Gives you a reason to not start.

Keep your goals small. Keep reducing until you get to 1. The rule of 1 is here for you. Not them.