Tulsa Tech Class: Get Your Website Right and Grow Your Business

Class Number: GRPH-339Photo credit: TOM GILBERT/Tulsa World9-S400

Class Hours: 24

Campus: Riverside

Instructor: Jason Collington, Tulsa World web editor

Class description: If your website isn’t growing your business or you don’t have one, this class can help. Geared toward the small business owner, you will formulate and execute a customized plan to get your business online. Find out what platform works best for your business and leave with a functional website and ecommerce store.

Class objectives: When you finish the class, students should be able to:

  • Operate, maintain and add features to their website that drive customer engagement and sales.
  • Recognize the features of the different online platforms available.
  • Think of new ways to use the strengths of the Internet to beat competitors and grow their small business.
  • Discuss current culture of the web and social media and how people are using it so you can best position your business.
  • Identify free and cost effective online options to connect with customers your business wants and how to make current customers become more loyal.

How this class is different: You have a lot of chances to learn how to make websites. The point of view I come from is you have to know what you want before you can design your website. Then you need to know what is working for the Davids so you can beat the Goliaths (the good news is that Davids win all the time on the Internet).

I will ask you to watch this video and think about what message you need to send to your potential customers.

I will ask you to watch this video and think about how you can’t just have a website that does one thing.

I will ask you to watch this video so we can find out what the “why” is for your business?

I will ask you to answer these questions so you can make a website that separates from the pack:

  • Who is your ideal customers?
  • What are your business’ advantages?
  • What are the advantages you have as a business owner?

After all of that, then we will start discussing how to design your website and how to drive traffic to it.

Fall 2015 websites developed in the class: 

MyPosterFactory.com: Specializes in poster production, large format printing and graphic design. Owned by Chance Damion Baker.

PrayingandListening.com: A place where people can seek to establish or improve their conscious contact with Jesus. Owned by Charles Hamit.

RunDirtRun.com: The home to Superior Carpet Cleaning in Bartlesville. Owned by Danny Cain.

OKArmySurplus.com: Business website for the Tulsa Army Surplus store.

TekmatDeals.com: Business website to purchase gun mats.

Not sure if it’s right for you? Ask me anything. jasoncollington@gmail.com.