How can I help you?

I’m serious. If you need help with something, let me help.

You are not alone if you need help. Here are some people I have helped lately.

Steve, who is unemployed, to go over what website platform would help him get his work out there. I pointed him to Squarespace. Also went over some tactics to get his work some attention in Tulsa.

Paul, whose company finally decided it needed a copywriter. Going to help with anything with text on it, from emails to customers to signage inside stores.

Kim, who hasn’t made a resume in 20 years. She wants to see what else is out there. Showing what works in today’s world and most importantly what not to do.

Karen, whose small businesses were on Microsoft Exchange. She is now on Gmail. She’s better communicating with her employees and better managing her business on her phone. Her website also wasn’t showing up on search. Fixed that in 30 minutes.

Jerod, whose business didn’t have a website. Now he’s selling a lot of products to Asia.

Kellon, my daughter, who sold 1,500 Girl Scout cookies in six weeks.

Aubrey, who wanted some editing of the essays on her scholarship application. It was the least I could do after all she was involved with and did in high school. She received a Gates Millennium Scholarship, which means she doesn’t pay a thing for college.

Lexi, who needed a letter of recommendation for an internship. If you are a former student of mine, I am happy to write these. Of course, if you hustled.

Shawn, whose business needed some ideas to spark new sales. I gave him five of them. He did two of them. They worked.

Cory, who works at a nonprofit that needs to not redesign its website but rethink it. We have started with the results he wants and working backward to a website.

I’m here if you need me. Email me at