Adding another super power is essential


Photo by Porapak Apichodilok from Pexels

The story of Netflix is a good one. It has a couple super powers over traditional TV and the movie rental industry. But one that is stronger than the others is taking shows that are not hits on TV and making them hits with a whole new audience.

They just did it with the show “You,” which flopped on Lifetime on cable. It appeared on Netflex and was watched by tens of millions of people and caught buzz. Many of the people raving about it had no idea it was ever on Lifetime. That is a super power that can scale.

This isn’t the first time this has happened. I don’t know about you, but I never watched an episode of “Breaking Bad” on AMC, where it was a modest success. I watched all the seasons on Netflex, where it’s one of the greatest hits ever.

If you do something better than anyone else, I like to call that a super power. How many do you have? What could you do to be better and get your first one? How many super powers does your company have? Just ask Superman. He wouldn’t be able to do much with just one super power. Heck, when he first started he couldn’t fly. That came many comic book issues later. There is no way he would be as successful as he is without the power of flight.

One super power is never enough.



Be judged by results not concerns

ask-blackboard-356079I’m not a fan of the San Francisco 49ers, mostly because I’m a Dallas Cowboys fan, but I did like a quote the owner made three years ago when it came to breaking up with their coach at the time, Jim Harbaugh.

Harbaugh coached the team to success and almost a Super Bowl win before he was let go. He’s now a coach at Michigan.

I think this is a great way to respond when change happens and especially when change happens when it’s unexpected and people are questioning and wanting answers.

“Change is often accompanied by skepticism, and I respect your right to have questions. Ultimately, the decisions we make as an organization will be judged by their results, and the best way to answer concerns is by putting a championship product on the field.”

Most of the doors revolve for a simple reason

bleachers-field-football-stadium-200986Eight out of the 32 NFL coaches were fired this season.

Seven out of the 32 NFL coaches were fired this last season.

I wonder sometimes what the owners hiring for these jobs expect.

I know they expect to win. And win no matter if they have good players or not.

They expect the coach to coach enough to win some games the team isn’t favored in.

But the best coaches act the same. They talk the same. The best coach in the NFL acts and talks the same as the best coach in college football. Heck, they even look similar. To them, the most important game is the next one. They are disciplined in how they do their job and how they want everyone on the field and sideline to do theirs. They are able to win no matter who is on the field. They know the kinds of players who work best in their systems. They are able to have great offenses and defenses no matter who the respective coordinators are.

These two people have a very good idea on what it takes to win in today’s game. Which is why I wonder what an NFL owner is expecting when they hire someone who doesn’t act or talk the way the best coaches do.

The formula seems simple. Guess who all 15 of those fired coaches the last two years don’t act and talk like?

Find a ladder

dirty-garage-home-1467579Some people wake up to a daily Bible verse. I wake up to a blog post from Seth Godin.

The one he had the other day is something I plan to adopt in the new year.

“Often, we spend most of our time throwing ourselves at the wall instead of investing the time to find a useful ladder instead. Perhaps, instead of restating our audacious goals, we can spend more time finding useful tools–insights, skills, trust, attention, access–instead.”

Read the whole post here. 

I think this is really a case of “what got you here won’t get you there,” something I have heard a lot of leaders say when they are brought in to take over. There was a time when Disney was not the best in animation after it was. There was a time when Apple didn’t make the best computers after it did.

A new year is full of talk. Maybe this will remind you that it needs to be full of finding.

You are a media company


You have the same publishing power as the New York Times. In your pocket. Take advantage of that. 

If you want to bend the culture you can do that through your media.

Not everyone will change their mind in one day. But no revolution happened in one day. It took decades to get smoking out of airplane flights.

But if you don’t know that you are a media company, you need to. Because you have thoughts and feelings. Sharing them is one thing. The magic happens when you care. When you reach out. When you push. When you decide to connect the dots for the group.

Get your domain. Make a website. Make social media work for you, not the other way around. Pick your spots. Care. Share. Push. Connect. Inform. This only works if we help each other. That is the true root of revolution.


If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention

vote-1319435_1920Seems like people in Oklahoma are paying more attention than they were before.

One month ago, 73 percent of the Oklahoma Legislature members running for re-election had no challenger. Now only 13 percent of the races appear to be uncontested after Friday’s candidate filing deadline.

If you want change in your state, register to vote, inform yourself and vote. It really is that easy.

With names on the ballot like never before, you might wonder if those three things are going to happen. Or is everyone going to forget their outrage and stop paying attention.

I think it’s different this time.